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Laser Varicose Vein Removal
Our cosmetic and dermatological services are designed specifically to target your frustrating problem areas. Services from Miracle Laser Medical Clinic are state-of-the-art and push the boundaries of what’s possible in beauty and cosmetic care.
A simple office-based laser procedure
The CoolTouch laser treatment for eliminating varicose veins and other vein disorders is minimally invasive and performed in your vein specialty doctor’s office.You are awake during the procedure and will feel very little, if any pain, as your leg will be numbed using a local anesthetic. A tiny fiber is inserted into the varicose vein. As the fiber is gently withdrawn from the vein, it heats and safely closes the vein. Once the vein is closed, the blood that was circulating through this vein is simply re-routed to other healthy veins. The procedure takes approximately one hour to perform per leg treated. Patients experience little, if any pain, incision scars or bruising that is often present with alternative treatments. Your symptoms will begin to improve immediately after the CoolTouch procedure.

Why choose the CoolTouch laser for your varicose vein treatment?
99% patient success rate
Quick office-based procedure
Rapid relief of symptoms
Little, if any, pain, bruising or swelling
Minimal, if any, downtime from daily activities
No general anesthesia

What are varicose veins?
Varicose veins are the result of incompetent valves in the leg veins, also known as chronic venous insufficiency (CVI). Our veins have one-way valves which route blood back toward the heart. When the valves in the vein fail to work properly the blood flows backwards, enlarging the vein. The vein becomes rope-like and distends closer to the skin.

What causes varicose veins?
Heredity and family history are the most common causes of varicose veins. In addition, age, obesity, pregnancy and occupations that require prolonged standing are also risk factors.

Why is it important to have veins treated?
Many people typically seek treatment for their varicose veins for cosmetic reasons. However, varicose veins or chronic venous insufficiency, if not treated early, may lead to other symptoms such as skin rashes, ulceration, blood clots or bleeding. Vein treatment prevents venous disease from developing further and avoids future serious complications.







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